Whitsun Grandmasters 2014

GM- and IM group by invitation only

Tuesday June 3rd to Saturday June 7th 2014,  9 rounds Round Robin in 5 days.

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The list of participants will be listed on this page


Skakforeningen ØBRO, Rosenvængets Allé 31, kld, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Rate of play

90 min for 40 moves + 15 min for the rest of the game + 30 sec increment for every move played starting from the first move.



1. prize: €400
2. prize: €250
3. prize: €150


1. prize: €300
2. prize: €200
3. prize: €100

All prizes will be decided by tie break

Playing Schedule

 Round  Date  Time
 1  Tuesday June 3rd  17:00
 2  Wednesday June 4th  11:00
 3  Wednesday June 4th  17:00
 4  Thursday June 5th  11:00
 5  Thursday June 5th  17:00
 6  Fridag June 6th  11:00
 7  Fridag June 6th  17:00
 8  Saturday June 7th  11:00
 9  Saturday June 7th  17:00

(Players are guaranteed at least a 30 minutes break between rounds)

Other regulations

Grace period: Players are allowed to be 30 minutes late for a round

Sofia-Corsica Rules:  Players are not allowed to offer draw within the first 30 moves (not counting a threefold repetition of position or perpetual check)

Live broadcast

All games will be broadcasted live

Contact information

For information regarding participation in the tournament:
Thomas Schou-Moldt (whitsun2014@schou-moldt.dk)

Other request:
IA Peter Olsen (ptr.olsen@gmail.com)



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